Monday, December 11, 2017

12 Days of Handmade Cards

It's Christmas time! I love Christmas and I must admit on of the reasons I am a card maker is for the joy of making Christmas cards! 

So let's do this!
12 Days of Handmade Christmas Cards--Day 1.

This top-folding card uses an awesome technique--paper tearing! It's so simple and when done with white-core cardstock, you get that cool white edge. I did a little free tearing on the leaves but punched the holly berries with a circle punch because it's a little more challenging to tear glitter paper. 

I'm warning you--there will be a stocking-full of glitter paper in this series as I am all wrapped up in the sparkliness this Christmas! 

If you happen to use Instagram, I am sharing this series there using the hashtag #12daysofhandmadechristmascards  If you are a card maker, feel free to use it as well. 

Until tomorrow, go and be glittery!

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