Sunday, April 15, 2018

CTMH Techniques Blog Hop - Creative with Cards

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood,
A beautiful day in the neighborhood,
Won't you be mine, won't you be my neighbor?

I'm so happy to share the April installment of the Close to my Heart Techniques Blog Hop with my friends and fellow consultants today! I'm glad you stopped by!

There's a good chance you landed here after visiting with Michelle Loncar's blog. I bet you enjoyed the artwork she shared too!

So the theme of this month's hop is the many uses of Project My Life cards and cut-apart card sheets in the Workshop You Way Kits. I think most paper crafters are familiar with the concept of using small, printed cards as accents and enhancements on handmade cards and scrapbook pages. There are so many ways to incorporate PML cards into your crafting--we thought we would take a few minutes and demonstrate a few of those ways for you today.

Project My Life cards come in collection packs and each pack includes two sizes of cards--3"x4" and 4"x6". You can choose to slide the cards into pocket pages along with your photos for easy pocket-style scrapbooking or you can also use them in a more traditional way by incorporating them as elements on a card or scrapbook page. Remember, PML cards are all about the POSSIBILITIES! You can do so many things with them!  I like to use them as accents on regular 12x12 pages. That's what I did today.

Instead of having to cut into a full sheet of polka dot patterned paper for this layout, the polka dot piece of paper is a 4x6 PML card. The small strips of pink on each side of the photo are a PML card that I ripped into three pieces, which you can see here:

If you hang around people who use pocket-style scrapbooking products, you know that a huge topic of conversation among them is the state of the corners. The looming question is always "do you prefer rounded corners or square one?"

I can go either way. For this particular use, I chose to round the corners of the pink pieces. All Close to my Heart Project my Life cards have square corners!

One final look at the details:

I also used a horizontal Project My Life card as the base of my title. I don't do vertical designs very often but I do love them.

Remember, Project my Life cards equal POSSIBILITIES!

Now, go visit DanYellScraps and check out her creative adventures!

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Techniques Blog Hop - Purposeful Patterns

It’s the middle of March (hello spring break) and I want to welcome you as you travel through 13 blogs participating in the CtmH Technique Blog Hop — Purposeful Patterns! This month each blog will be featuring artwork inspired by the Close to my Heart Make It From Your Heart sketch books volume III and IV.

I’m sure you found your stop at CATHERINE NOWAK's BLOG inspiring. 

Close to my Heart offers Make It From Your Heart Volume III for scrapbook pages. Previous editions have been card designs. Each sketch is a double page spread and has two full-color example spreads included.  Volume III includes patterns 36 double page spreads. There are cutting guides and measurements included as well. 

These sketches are designed to use common photo sizes such as 4x6 and 3x4, and include 4 to 8 photos in each spread. 

As you probably know, sketches are simple recipes for design that can be copied exactly or used as a jumping-off point. 

Let’s just be totally honest here—I have a very difficult time following directions of any kind when it comes to Scrapbooking so I tend to use sketches as a jumping off point. I don’t look at the number of photos in a design because I usually use only 1-3 photos on a page and I basically never create a 2 page spread. So you might ask, do I actually use and like this book?

In a word, YES! Using a sketch as a jumping-off point insures that I know where I’m going creatively and helps me know when I have have arrived. I’m not a literalist...a design showing 7 pictures in the book can magically and easily feature 2 pictures on my page. I find that starting with a sketch enhances my creativity by giving me a basic framework from which I can expound with patterned paper, story, title and embellishments. 

For this layout, I used Pattern 27 from Volume III,  the left side.
This layout features flowers cut from the Gimme Some Sugar paper and the Marker Alphabet Stamps! I went with the flowers to convey the princess-y feel referenced in the journaling. The card in the upper right corner is the actual MARTA ticket.

Never let your design be locked up by the sketch. Instead, make it your own.

  • Flip it around. 
  • Change up the number of photos. 
  • Add extra journaling. 
  • Make the page larger or smaller. 
  • Use just the left or just the right side of the design. 

Using a sketch is like wearing a little black dress. You can wear the perfect little black dress 100 different ways because in truth, it’s not about the dress. It’s all about the earrings, necklace, bracelet and shoes! Am I right? 😁

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll leave a comment and then hop on over to KIRSTEN DESORCY's BLOG blog and see what she has created too.

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Scrapbooking on the Run

I love to bring a few Scrapbooking supplies along when I travel. Last week, my husband and I went on a short Caribbean cruise and I packed a small kit of supplies to take along. I tend to be a night owl and he tends towards early retirement so each night after he went to bed, I did a little papercrafting in the quiet, with the balcony door open just enough to hear the waves. 
Here’s my kit:

Basically, it’s one kit from close to my Heart (the Chelsea Gardens kit) and some basic tools. This was enough to get me a little bit of scrappy time each night and I managed to do about three pages and cut out a bunch of flowers for an upcoming class. It was important to me not to take too much stuff--luggage space is at a premium on a trip like this.

I enjoyed scrapbooking on the cruise. Sometimes its a nice change of pace to NOT have to make too many choices.

Until next time,

Friday, March 2, 2018

What Was Supposed to Be

Craziness ensued in my life today as I was trying to prepare for a trip and my blog post for the Stamp of the Month Blog Hop with my fellow Close to my Heart Consultants got jacked up. 

Oh well. Moving on to the next thing. Namely, a quiet spot in the Caribbean with my honey. 

Here’s the art that was supposed to be for the Hop. 

I’m really attached to white ink pen lines lately. I feel like they add polish. 

Both of these projects use the Stargazer suite of products. I’m into the primary colors offered by the papers in this collection. 

Those little comic-ish Yay! Embellishments are so appropriate. I wish there were a whole line of those! Wow! Bam! Pow! Go! Run! Jump! Those would be so cool! 

Until next time,

Thursday, February 15, 2018

CTMH Technique Blog Hop - In Love with Vellum

Welcome friends to the CTMH Techniques Blog Hop for February 2018 featuring all we need to know about VELLUM! 

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are enjoying the inspiration found at each of the nine blogs that are participating in this Hop. Every participating consultant brings something different to the crafty venue in hopes of educating and inspiring you! 

was your previous stop on the Hop. 

I've been in love with the uses of vellum in Cardmaking and scrapbooking for many years. Incorporating vellum into your projects is pretty simple and yet timeless and fun. 

Let's get to the pictures, shall we?!

First, as always, a scrapbook page. 

I used the piece of vellum to give an offset area behind the pictures and lighten up a small portion of the patterned paper that was used as the background. 

The title is stamped directly onto the vellum using Saphire ink and I used my handwriting for the brief journaling. The title is a stamp from A New Adventure (stamp set of 9) on page 63 of the Annual Inspirations catalog. 

Two notes.

1. Everyone worries about how to secure the vellum in a way that doesn't allow the adhesive to show through. My first choice option is always to create a layer that leaves a hidden area so that the adhesive can be applied under some other element. 

2. Vellum is a fantastic medium for handwritten journaling because you can easily lay it over a sheet of lined notebook paper and write your journaling using the lines to keep everything straight and well-aligned. 

When you're done, simply slide the notebook paper out from under the vellum. 

I'm in love with stars lately and this outlined star image has been getting quiet a lot of use in my projects. It comes to us from a cute stamp set from the Stargazer product suite. 

The Stargazer Suite can 
can be seen here!

I have some young friends who will be graduating from high school in just a few months so I've started working on graduation cards. 

The "reach for the stars" sentiment is another stamp from A New Adventure. 

When using vellum on a card, sometimes the easiest way to attach it is to cut it with extra length and wrap the ends around to the back and secure there, like you probably also do when using ribbon.

I stamped the background using the Constellations stamp set--see Constellations Here. 

For the sentiment, I combined two sentiments from two sets--A New Adventure and Many Congratulations (found on page 56 of the Annual Inspiration catalog) and can be  SEEN HERE

For the above card, I used vellum for the card base. (Can you tell? It kinda looks like a gray cardstock.) The key to getting a crisp fold with vellum is scoring. Be sure to score before folding and crease with a bone folder. 

I used quite a few Bitty Sparkles in these projects but they are tricky to photograph. You can never go wrong with I right?! 

Vellum! There really are so many wonderful crafty qualities about it. You can shop for 12x12 sheets of vellum. RIGHT HERE

Thanks for hopping by. The next stop on the February Technique Blog Hop is PAPERCRAFTING WITH REBECCA. by Rebecca Coombs. Enjoy!

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Friday, February 9, 2018

Big Bold Flowers

I don't know about you, but I find big bold floral stamps so happy and easy to use! Pair a bold ink color with a big flower and you have all the ingredients for a snappy set of cards. A bold flower grabs attention! 

The Chelsea Garden Scrapbooking set from Close to my Heart has a couple of big bold flowers in it and I'm loving them! I used the full flower with Glacier ink to make a few cards this week. 

Here's the Chelsea Garden Scrapbooking stamp set, available for purchase here! 

By changing up think color, this stamp set could be good for many occasions. I'm seeing it in pink and purple for Easter, red for Independence Day, and a golden yellow for fall! Lots of potential here.

Until next time,

Thursday, February 1, 2018

CTMH Stamp of the Month - Sunny Thoughts

Welcome friends to the Stamp of the Month Blog Hop for February 2018 featuring the lovely Sunny Thoughts stamp set! 

I appreciate you hopping by--this is my first time to participate in the Stamp of the Month Hop. 

This is the Sunny Thoughts stamp set:

Sunny Thoughts (a set of 11 photopolymer stamps) can be yours for just $5 if you place a $50 order during the month of February at my CTMH site. GO SHOPPING HERE

I'm sure you enjoyed your stop at Carol Taggio's blog! 

For the Hop, I created a scrapbook page featuring the medallion from the set as the title of my page and papers from the Stargazer Collection. 

Although it's not obvious from the pictures, these photos were taken in the summer while school was out and I wanted that to be reflected in the page. The sun is made using a circle and a bunch of die cut Vs from the Block Alphabet set. There's a slight pattern on the paper from the Stargazer Collection.

These are some of those everyday kind of pictures that I really like to scrapbook. Nothing monumental or earth-shattering here...just ordinary days and little details of life I want to remember. Little boys doing little boy things with fantastic, little boy spirit. 

So your next stop on the Hop is the Blog of Priscilla Gotham. 

To see the entire list of participating blogs, go to Melinda Everitt's blog! 

Thanks for stopping by. See you again soon!